About Sevier Crespo

 Sevier Crespo, actor/producer in Los Angeles
 Sevier Crespo, actor/producer in Los Angees

Producer Sevier Crespo, p.g.a., is a dynamic force in film and television production, known in the industry as the man who conquers impossible circumstances to bring projects in on schedule and on budget. Accolades for his projects include BEST AMERICAN COMEDY at the NY International Film Festival, TV GUIDE’s Hot List (the only web series to make the list), a Parents’ Choice Award, and a Mom’s Choice Award. And it’s no wonder, since he learned the ropes from heavyweights Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Mann.

Crespo may have cut his teeth on sequels to “Bad Boys” and “Chainsaw Massacre,” but $5-million-and-under budgets are where Crespo really shows his prowess. He developed, created, wrote, produced, line produced, and acted in “Jackers” with a budget of $50k. The feature film grossed $500k in its first quarter and has taken in over $5 million since. Crespo also saved a film that was $60k in the hole (with a budget of $225k) and brought it in on budget and on schedule. And when he delivered an NBC pilot (starring Mandy Moore and James Roday) on time and on budget too, he was not only praised for an LA/NY shoot with the micro budget, but also literally shocked a network exec over the project, who looked him straight in the eye and said, “How the fuck did you manage to do that?”

Crespo studied production at UCLA and learned the ropes under the tutelage of Robert Townsend and director Sam Bayer at Ridley Scott’s RSA USA, Inc. He’s since worked with such global brands as Adidas, Coca-Cola, Nike, Marlboro, Mitsubishi, NBC, and Netflix – to name a few. Tapping back into his latin roots, Sevier worked alongside Danny Trejo in the comedy “Pendejo” and the upcoming feature “Deceived” (2017).

Click here for more information on Sevier's production company, Peanut Gallery Group.

Sevier Crespo is an actor / producer currently living in Los Angeles, CA.