Sevier Crespo on Radio Latino


Puerto Rican writer and producer, Sevier Crespo visited Radio Latino in the booth to talk about his career and current projects with Jeury Gastélum. READ MORE

Dave Bullis Podcast / Episode 173 - Sevier Crespo (Producing a Film Within Your Resources)


Sevier Crespo p.g.a., is a dynamic force in film and television production, known in the industry as the man who conquers impossible circumstances to bring projects in on schedule and on budget. Accolades for his projects include BEST AMERICAN COMEDY at the NY International Film Festival, TV GUIDE’s Hot List (the only web series to make the list), a Parents’ Choice Award, and a Mom’s Choice Award. And it’s no wonder, since he learned the ropes from heavyweights Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Mann… READ MORE

9 Eme Art: Sevier to Produce Captain Harlock

Luc Brunschwig (Bob Morane) will write the screenplay for the film produced by Sevier Crespo (The Culling), Marc Sessego and Miwako Fujioka (El último aplauso).

Backstage: 10 On-Set Terms You Need to Know

As a producer, I’ve found there are many terms used on set that are beneficial to know. Even if they don’t specifically refer to you as an actor, they’ll help you know what is being discussed while on set and to better understand those around you...

Apartment Therapy: How Real Couples Spend Their Sundays

"With both of us being producers, our weekdays are packed with work and every minute is very much 'go-go-go.' Sunday is the day we get to sleep in just a little, hang with friends, and catch up not only on errands, but...

Backstage: Who's Who on Set?

One of an actor’s goals is to book the job and shoot it on set. Aside from knowing your character, memorizing your lines and being ready to act, it is helpful to have a real understanding of who the others on set are, as well as what they do...

Backstage: On-Set Tips for Actors

As a producer, I’ve experienced two personalities with actors: the audition personality, and the on-set or after-booking-the-job personality. The first is a breeze to work with: friendly, approachable, polite, and professional. The second, not so much...

Backstage: The Business of Acting

Just like painting, sculpture, writing, or any other form of work that entails creating something where nothing existed before, acting is an art. It’s also a business. Which means that as an actor, you should view yourself...