The Business of Acting: 4 Steps to Becoming Your Own Entrepreneur

Sevier Crespo, Backstage Expert

by Backstage Expert Sevier Crespo

Just like painting, sculpture, writing, or any other form of work that entails creating something where nothing existed before, acting is an art. It’s also a business. Which means that as an actor, you should view yourself as an entrepreneur who is working hard at operating your business, organizing and navigating its direction and success on a daily basis.

After all, they don’t call it show biz for nothing.

So take steps that are beyond the basics of just memorizing lines. Be an entrepreneur; take control and truly manage your business so you not only feel like you’re in the driver’s seat, you actually are.

1. Keep track of stats.
How many auditions did you have this month? How many callbacks did you get? How many jobs did you land? Are these numbers higher or lower than last month? What about this time last year?

Keeping track of numbers like this—the things that contribute to getting work—is incredibly useful information as you build and shape your career. Maybe you need to start submitting yourself more, or talk to your agent about what else you can provide them that will help get you out there more... READ MORE

Sevier Crespo is an actor/producer living in Los Angeles