5 On-Set Tips for Actors

On-Set Tips for Actors, by Backstage Expert Sevier Crespo

by Backstage Expert Sevier Crespo

As a producer, I’ve experienced two personalities with actors: the audition personality, and the on-set or after-booking-the-job personality. The first is a breeze to work with: friendly, approachable, polite, and professional. The second, not so much. This one, once stepping on set, somehow magically transforms into an entitled, disinterested, lazy, often rude individual who now considers it a burden to actually be there. All from the same actor. This is one of the main reasons an actor’s behavior in an audition room carries very little weight with me. So I thought I’d put together a few tips for appropriate on-set behavior for actors from the standpoint of not only a producer, but really the entire production team.

1. Be a team player. I’ve had actors arrive on set with their first question to me being, “What time do we wrap?” Not a horrible question, but when it’s the very first one, it can tend to set a tone. Next, a resistance to cooperate, like filling out basic paperwork or deflecting responsibly. This is understandable on a major contract, but for simple, standard releases, it can immediately put a damper on production. Another issue is showing up looking like they’ve just rolled out of bed, assuming there is a staff of 20 to take care of them. Sure, sometimes this is the case. But to assume so and not even put in an effort is just not professional or respectful to others. When you come to work prepared and with a good attitude, things go better for everyone. You’re on a team, and it’s just as much your responsibility as the director, producer or caterer, to help create a positive and cooperative environment... READ MORE

Sevier Crespo is an actor/producer currently living in Los Angeles.