Who’s Who on Set? A Guide for Every Actor

Backstage Expert Sevier Crespo

by Backstage Expert Sevier Crespo

One of an actor’s goals is to book the job and shoot it on set. Aside from knowing your character, memorizing your lines and being ready to act, it is helpful to have a real understanding of who the others on set are, as well as what they do. Who’s the guy sitting in a director’s chair taking notes all day? Who’s discussing the set’s visual design with the producer? Who’s tracking daily progress, arranging logistics, and overseeing the safety of the cast and crew? These people are not mere “crew members”; they are trained individuals who create the backbone of the production so that you, the actor, can do your work.

I’ve provided some examples below. By no means, however, should these be considered full descriptions of their jobs, which begin in pre-production, continue with production, and often don’t end until post is complete. But they will give you a basic idea of the titles and some of the essentials elements involved in their positions.

1. Script Supervisor
This valuable position is responsible for keeping track of all dialogue spoken by the actors as it compares to the script. When actors improvise, the Script Supervisor makes adjustments in the script to reflect the changes in dialogue, and then ensures the actors stick with them for each upcoming take. This is to maintain continuous verbal and visual integrity in the production. This goes beyond dialogue; it also includes wardrobe, hair, and props used by the actors. Essentially, the Script Supervisor’s job is to ensure that the final product does not contain distracting errors to the viewers... READ MORE

Sevier Crespo is an actor/producer currently living in Los Angeles.