BitFeed, Sevier Crespo, Captain Harlock

Here are the first details of the live action film inspired by the adventures of Captain Harlock, the popular manga of Leiji Matsumoto

At the beginning of may, the Movie World Studios LLC had officially announced the acquisition of rights for the realization of a live action film based on the adventures of Captain Harlock.

Now the film production company in california has released a first, essential, teaser trailer that you can see below.

The film will arrive on screens in 2020, and to direct it will be the Dutch director Olivier Van Hoofstadt, who confirmed the news through its profile Facebook.

The screenplay will be the work of Luc Brunschwig and, according to the latest rumors, even that the same Leiji Matsumoto, the author of the sorceress of the original, will be busy on the texts of the live acion, tentatively titled Space Pirate Captain Harlock, while as regards the production, are the names of Sevier Crespo, Marc Sessego and Miwako Fujioka.

Its Matsumoto, with the video message that you see below, has given his blessing to this production:

The original work tells of the adventures of Harlock, space pirate, and romantic hero from the heart good. That is both noble and shy and rebellious, Harlock fight stoically and bravely at the edge of the ship Arcadia against the totalitarian regimes of any kind, be they terrestrial or alien, and, as he himself said, Harlock does not fight for a state or a particular planet, but only for its ideals of justice and freedom... READ MORE